We're hosting a Hyprland wallpaper contest!

To all artists, designers and enjoyers of graphics: this is a piece of news for you!

We’re going to be hosting the first Hyprland Wallpaper Contest, and looking for new default wallpapers for Hyprland :D

If you believe you have what it takes, we encourage you to try your best and submit something :)

Feel free to spread this article around! The more artists the better :D

General information

The wallpaper contest will last until January 21st. The deadline for submissions is Jan 21st at 23:59 UTC.

There will be a few categories, and in each category there will be one winner.

All winning wallpapers will become official Hyprland default wallpapers. Each time Hyprland is launched, one will be randomly picked.

We will have an initial monetary prize pool of 250€.


If you wish to sponsor the competition, (add to the prize pool) make a one-time donation to my ko-fi page or Crypto wallets (see pinned message on my ko-fi page) and in the message, state clearly “sponsoring the wallpaper competition”. You can sponsor the competition until the deadline.

Please be advised that if you sponsor for example 100€, it might be a bit less in the end due to various fees.

Updates regarding the prize pool will be posted in #announcements on the Hypr Development discord server.

Please also be advised there is a limit of 1000€ to the prize pool. If you want to check whether it’s been exceeded, DM me on Discord or ask in #vaxrys-cave:matrix.vaxry.net. If you donate and the limit has been exceeded, everything exceeding the maximum prize pool will be treated as a donation. Refunds may be issued if you directly message me and ask for one. Please be advised you will be the one to cover double fees.


Prize for winning each category will be (prize pool / 3)

  • Logo wallpaper
  • Mascot wallpaper
  • FFA wallpaper

Guidelines for wallpapers

There is no imposed style, whatever style you feel like using goes. There are some general rules, though, and some category-specific ones.

General rules

  • All submissions must be made by you and only you.
  • All wallpapers must be strictly SFW. (No explicit / offensive / political content)
  • All wallpapers must be more-or-less dark. No light mode, please.
  • All wallpapers must be 16:9, 4K or above.
  • All wallpapers must be a PNG. No animated wallpapers.
  • AI generated content is strictly forbidden.
  • Project files from whatever software you used will be asked for privately if you win in order to verify you made it.
  • By submitting anything you agree that in case it wins you give us all rights to use it for any purpose whatsoever. (It will be used as a wallpaper, and nothing else though, I promise)

Category-specific rules

Mascot wallpaper

  • You can use the official mascot in your wallpaper, but you can also draw your own.
  • If drawing your own, make sure it follows and resembles the characteristics of the official mascot. Official Design 1, Official Design 2. Worth noting you are allowed to use a different art style.

Logo wallpaper

  • The wallpaper must use the Hyprland logo and have it clearly visible. You can use the logo, or the logo with the Hyprland name, aka banner. Logo in high res, Banner in high res.
  • The wallpaper should not feature the mascot.

FFA wallpaper

  • This category is an FFA (free-for-all) and whatever goes. Be creative!


In order to submit, send your wallpaper directly, or host it on google drive and send a link to any of:

  • Discord: #wallpaper-contest-submissions on the Hypr Development discord server (link)
  • Matrix: #vaxrys-cave:matrix.vaxry.net
  • Mail: vaxry [at] vaxry.net

Alonside your submission, explicitly state which category your wallpaper is meant for. Please note that once you submit, if you used discord or matrix, you cannot leave the room/server, as if you win, I have to have a line of contact to you.

Rating process

Rating will be done on our Discord server, the exact date and time, as usual, will be posted in #announcements closer to the deadline. A board of Jury, consisting of at least me, and other moderators of the discord server, will be rating each submission live and giving points.

Each jury gives:

  • 0 - 3 -> effort
  • 0 - 3 -> relevance (adhering to the rules, etc.)
  • 0 - 3 -> overall design (aesthetics)

Additionally, we will run a public poll amongst our community and each submission will get 0 - 9 points for its placement in the ranking. 9 - (place / number of submissions) * 9. (9 points for 1st place, 0 points for last place)


If your wallpaper breaks the rules or you left the place you submitted it at, you will be disqualified.

We might disqualify you for whatever reason we want to, but generally, just stick to the rules and don’t be an asshole.


You can receive rewards in any of the following means, it’s up to you which one you will choose:

  • Paypal (preferred)
  • Crypto (ETH/BTC/SOL/LTC) (preferred)
  • Discord Nitro
  • CS2 skins
  • I might settle for gift cards.


Good luck to everyone! We hope to see some cool wallpapers submitted :)


  • If a category turns out no winners (all submissions broke the rules or there weren’t any) the prize pool will be split amongst the remaining categories. I do not expect this to happen, though.
  • The rules and guidelines might be amended in the future. Each major amendment will be announced both here and on Discord.

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